Bali is a popular tropical island destination in Indonesia known for its beautiful beaches, lush green landscapes, rich culture, and friendly locals. As one of the top holiday destinations in Asia, millions of tourists from across the globe flock to Bali every year.

When traveling to Bali, having access to mobile data is extremely useful for navigation, translation, ride-hailing apps, and keeping in touch with friends and family back home. Purchasing a local SIM card in Bali is the most convenient and affordable way to get online while visiting the island.

I. Which Mobile Operator is the Best in Bali?


Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, known for its beautiful beaches, scenic temples, and cultural activities. With so many visitors traveling to the island, having a reliable mobile connection is important. Based on recent reports and customer reviews, here are the top mobile operators to consider in Bali:


Telkomsel is often rated as the best overall operator in Indonesia, including on the island of Bali. Reports from OpenSignal in late 2023 found that Telkomsel had the fastest average download and upload speeds across Indonesia as well as the best coverage experience. Customers report strong 4G connectivity in most major areas of Bali. Telkomsel is a good choice for reliable basic calls, texts and data usage.


Indosat provides good coverage across Bali and has consistently earned OpenSignal’s award for best consistency in quality. Reviews note that Indosat’s data speeds may not be the fastest but connectivity is steady in cities, towns and popular tourist destinations on the island. For travelers who need stable internet access wherever they go in Bali, Indosat is a solid pick.


While not the fastest, XL has earned OpenSignal’s award for best gaming experience on mobile networks in Indonesia. XL’s network should satisfy travelers who need a reliable connection for real-time multiplayer mobile games while on the island. Reviews note good 4G coverage in the main tourist hubs in Bali like Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud.

So in summary, for the most consistent coverage across Bali, Indosat is recommended. For the fastest overall speeds, Telkomsel is the top choice. And XL remains the best option for mobile gaming connectivity on the island. All three operators provide reasonable coverage for basic calling and messaging throughout Bali.

II. Choosing the Best SIM Card in Bali

Here are the best SIM card options in Bali specifically targeting tourists and visitors:

OperatorSIM Card OptionPrice (IDR)Price (USD)Data/Allowances
TelkomselTelkomsel Prabayar TouristRp100,000$6.5025 GB data (30 days), 25 minutes domestic calls, 25 minutes international calls to G20 countries
Indosat IM3TravelOn SIMRp70,000$4.555 GB data, 60 domestic minutes, 10 domestic SMS, 30 international minutes/SMS
Indosat IM3TravelOn SIMRp100,000$6.5015 GB data (8 GB night data), 120 domestic minutes, 20 domestic SMS, 60 international minutes/SMS
TelkomselRegular SIM cardsRp5,000-Rp50,000$0.32-$3.23Various data packages depending on selection
Indosat IM3Regular SIM cardRp2,000+$0.13+Various data packages depending on selection
XL AxiataRegular SIM cardRp20,000+$1.30+Various data packages depending on selection
SmartfrenRegular SIM cardRp20,000+$1.30+Various data packages depending on selection
Exchange rates may fluctuate and were calculated at approximately IDR 15,500 to 1 USD at the time of writing.

Overall, Telkomsel and Indosat IM3 provide the most attractive options specifically tailored for tourists visiting Bali. Their Telkomsel Prabayar Tourist and Indosat TravelOn SIM cards offer generous data allowances valid for up to 30 days at reasonable costs. These make the most practical choice for international visitors who want hassle-free connectivity during their trip.

III. Where to Buy a SIM Card in Bali

There are two convenient options to purchase a local Indonesia SIM card upon arrival to Bali: at the airport or in the city at various stores and retailers.

1. Upon Arrival

The easiest way to get connected quickly in Bali is to buy a SIM card right at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar which serves the island.

There are several dedicated SIM card kiosks and shops located in the airport arrivals area including:

  • Telkomsel
  • XL Center
  • Indosat Ooredoo

They all sell prepaid tourist SIMs from major Indonesian carriers like Telkomsel and XL Axiata which work great across Bali.

Costs at the airport vary by provider but are generally ~$5-$15 USD per card including data packs, calls and texts lasting 30-60 days.

Buying at the airport ensures you have data immediately upon arrival to arrange transport, access maps or translation, make calls etc. It’s the most convenient albeit slightly pricier option.

2. In the City

Besides the airport, there are plenty of authorized retailers and small phone shops throughout Bali that sell local SIM cards generally aimed at tourists.

Besides the airport, there are plenty of authorized retailers and small phone shops throughout Bali that sell local SIM cards generally aimed at tourists.

Some top locations to buy SIM Cards easily in various cities/areas across the island:


  • Discovery Shopping Mall
  • Hardy’s Supermarket
  • Small phone shops along busy streets


  • Circle K Convenience stores
  • Mini marts like Indomaret


  • Cellular Abroad store
  • Mini markets along Monkey Forest Road Canggu
  • Phone stores on the main Batu Bolong road

Nusa Dua

  • Small retailers along ITDC (Bali Collection) shopping street

When purchasing a SIM in the city, always ask to see identification and certification that the retailer is authorized to sell SIMs from that network. This avoids any fraudulent/fake SIM issues.

As before, costs range ~$5-$15 USD depending on your duration of stay and required data needs. But more budget options can be found in small local phone shops.

IV. Choosing the Right Connectivity in Bali – Why Go with a Bali eSIM

When visiting the beautiful island of Bali, staying connected is important whether you need help with directions, restaurant recommendations or to share your amazing experiences online. Figuring out the best connectivity option can be tricky but a Bali eSIM solves many issues travelers face.

An eSIM is a digital SIM card stored virtually on your phone instead of a plastic card. eSIMs are directly integrated and activated on compatible devices.

Compared to standard SIM cards, a Bali eSIM has numerous advantages for visitors. Flexible data plans from 1GB up to 50GB can be changed any time. Dual SIM phones support both a Bali eSIM and your home SIM. Installation is simple by scanning a QR code, keeping your original SIM free.

best bali esim plans
Best Bali eSIM Plans provided by

Though upfront costs might be slightly higher, eSIMs provide greater convenience through remote activation and not having to source a local physical SIM card once in Bali.

Discover Paradise, Stay Connected
With Bali eSIM

V. Things to Prepare when Buying SIM cards in Bali

To ensure a smooth experience purchasing a local Bali SIM card, make sure you have the following ready:

  • Unlocked Phone – Your device must be unlocked to use foreign SIMs, check with your home carrier
  • Passport – Carry your passport when buying a SIM card for identification
  • Passport Photos – Some smaller shops may request passport photos to activate SIM
  • Cash – Have IDR cash on hand for purchasing SIM cards and top-ups

Also be aware that you need to register SIM cards in Indonesia by providing your passport and local address details (hotel address). This but takes just 5-10 minutes when you first insert and activate your Indonesian SIM card.

Finally, not all areas may have 4G coverage across Bali. In remote villages and islands, mobile connectivity could be limited to just 2G or 3G data speeds.

VI. Tips and Recommendations

Follow these top tips from frequent Bali visitors for a smooth experience using a local SIM card:

Buy from Reputable Stores

Stick to authorized airport shops, carriers stores, big retailers to avoid any fraudulent SIM issues.

Carry Cash for Top-Ups

Have some extra cash if you need to top-up your SIM card balance during your trip.

Download Useful Apps

Get apps like Google Maps, WhatsApp, Grab, GoJek to maximize features of your SIM card.

Enable Data Roaming

Switch on data roaming on your phone if you have an international roaming plan to stay connected between destinations.

Use eSIM as a Backup

Get an eSIM as a backup if you travel across multiple Indonesian islands with varying coverage.

VII. FAQs about Buying a SIM Card in Bali

Which networks provide SIM cards for tourists in Bali?

The main networks that offer tourist SIM cards valid for a short period (around 10-14 days) in Bali are Telkomsel, IM3-Ooredoo, and Smartfren.

How much do tourist SIM cards typically cost?

Telkomsel’s tourist SIM “Telkomsel Prabayar Tourist” costs Rp100,000 and includes 25 GB data valid for 30 days. IM3’s “TravelOn” SIMs cost Rp70,000 for 5 GB or Rp100,000 for 15 GB, both valid for 10 days.

Where can I buy a SIM card in Bali?

SIM cards can be purchased at official stores of the networks as well as some resellers. However, prices are often much higher at places like Bali airport stores – it’s better to buy in town.

Do I need to register my passport/details?

Yes, foreigners need to show their passport for registration, which is best done at an official network store. Some resellers may not properly register the SIM.

Are there any issues getting a SIM in tourist areas like Bali?

Yes, prices are frequently heavily inflated (up to 10x local prices) at stores in tourist areas like Bali airports. It’s best to buy in town for normal local prices.

What should I watch out for when buying a SIM card in Bali?

Check how much data/validity you get for the price before purchasing. Avoid airport stores with inflated prices. Make sure the SIM is properly registered if buying from a reseller.

VIII. Final Words

Purchasing a Bali SIM is very straightforward either upon arrival at the airport or in cities like Kuta and Ubud. Just make sure your device is unlocked and have your passport ready for required registration formalities.

We hope this guide provides useful tips and recommendations for hassle-free mobile data during your Bali, Indonesia visit! Feel free to refer back whenever you need help choosing the best SIM card option in Bali.

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