Smartfren is one of the leading mobile network operators in Indonesia, providing service throughout the country. As a tourist visiting Indonesia, getting a local Smartfren SIM card or eSIM can help you stay connected affordably during your trip. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of Smartfren and explain why it’s a good option for travelers, including information on connectivity options, where to buy SIMs and eSIMs, activation, rates, top-up options, and more.

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I. Quick Facts about Smartfren

Smartfren is a mobile network operator owned and operated by Smartfren Telecom Tbk. Here are some key facts about the company:

  • Founded in 2006
  • Full company name: PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk
  • Services: 4G/LTE mobile network, fixed broadband, and enterprise solutions
  • Over 50 million subscribers as of early 2022
  • Coverage in all 34 provinces of Indonesia
  • Over 200,000 network of stores and agents nationwide

Smartfren operates a 100% 4G/LTE network and was the first provider in Indonesia to launch 4G services. They have rapidly expanded their coverage and capacity to become one of the major telecom players in the country.

II. Why Smartfren When You’re Exploring Indonesia – Coverage and Speed

1. Smartfren Network Coverage in Indonesia

Smartfren now provides service in all major cities and towns across Indonesia's 17,000+ islands. Their network covers key tourist destinations like Bali, Jakarta, Lombok, Komodo, Borobudur, and more.

Smartfren now provides service in all major cities and towns across Indonesia’s 17,000+ islands. Their network covers key tourist destinations like Bali, Jakarta, Lombok, Komodo, Borobudur, and more.

While coverage may be more limited in remote areas, Smartfren has been aggressively improving rural connectivity. On populated islands like Java, Bali, Sumatra, and Sulawesi coverage is extensive.

This wide 4G/LTE footprint makes Smartfren a convenient single provider to stay connected as you travel through different parts of Indonesia.

2. Smartfren Speed

Smartfren advertises typical download speeds of 11 Mbps and upload speeds of 4 Mbps on compatible 4G/LTE devices. Real-world speeds will depend on congestion and location.

Smartfren advertises typical download speeds of 11 Mbps and upload speeds of 4 Mbps on compatible 4G/LTE devices. Real-world speeds will depend on congestion and location.

While not the fastest network in Indonesia, Smartfren provides respectable 4G speeds sufficient for most tourist usage like web browsing, social media, streaming music, light video, and 4G hotspots. Their service is faster and more reliable than legacy 3G networks.

For heavy data usage, their 4G network delivers better performance than congested 3G service while exploring the archipelago. While 5G has recently been launched in Indonesia, coverage is still very limited making Smartfren 4G LTE the best choice for connectivity across the country.

III. Smartfren Connectivity Options for Travelers to Indonesia

Smartfren offers both traditional SIM cards and eSIM (digital SIMs) for connectivity. Here are the main options:

  • Pre-paid Smartfren SIM Card – Physical nano/micro/regular SIM card, activate and top up as you go
  • Smartfren Tourist SIM – Pre-loaded with data allocation, simplified ready-to-go SIM for short visits
  • Smartfren eSIM – Digital SIM profiles, convenient for dual SIM devices and flexible switching

SIM cards give you a local Indonesian phone number and allow voice calls/SMS. eSIMs are data-only at this time. Both provide 4G LTE data access on the Smartfren network throughout Indonesia.

The pre-paid SIM card or Tourist SIM provide flexible affordability, while eSIMs offer convenience especially for short trips. Pick the option that best matches your device and travel plans.

IV. Best Smartfren SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Here are some SIM options from Smartfren for travelers to Indonesia along with estimated costs:

Data Plan Main Quota Local Quota Application Quota Validity Price (IDR) Price (USD)
Kuota 100 GB 25 GB 75 GB - 30 days Rp100,000 $6.40
Kuota 200 GB 60 GB 140 GB - 30 days Rp200,000 $12.80
Quota M 6 GB Up to 10 GB 5 GB 30 days Rp42,000 $2.69
Quota L 12 GB Up to 18 GB 10 GB 30 days Rp60,500 $3.87
Kuota 2L 20 GB Up to 35 GB 10 GB 30 days Rp90,500 $5.79
Kuota 3L 32 GB Up to 53 GB 15 GB 30 days Rp126,500 $8.10
Kuota 4L 44 GB Up to 66 GB 15 GB 30 days Rp151,000 $9.67

Please note that these prices are approximate and can fluctuate due to changes in the exchange rate

The standard prepaid SIM allows you to customize your data amounts. You can add data packs as needed for greater flexibility. For longer trips, the prepaid SIM may offer more affordable high data usage.

Both options provide sufficient data for most tourist purposes like maps, social media, web use, music streaming, and light video streaming. Top up or buy additional data packs to increase your allowance.

V. Does Smartfren Support eSIM in Indonesia?

Yes, Smartfren launched eSIM support in late 2022 making it one of the first Indonesian providers with eSIM capability.

Their eSIM service is branded Smartfren WOW and described as an “eSIM trial” indicating it is still in early stages. Availability may be limited.

Smartfren eSIM currently provides data-only service. It does not support voice calls or SMS capability at this time. As eSIM technology matures, Smartfren will likely add full mobile service options.

The eSIM trial has some limitations:

  • Data only (no voice/SMS)
  • One device per eSIM profile
  • iOS only (no Android support yet)

However, Smartfren eSIM does offer the convenience of digital SIMs for dual SIM devices. eSIM allows switching between physical SIM and eSIM easily.

VI. Where can You Buy a Smartfren SIM card and eSIM?

1. Where to Buy Smartfren SIM in Indonesia?

As one of the major Indonesian mobile networks, Smartfren SIM cards are easy to find throughout the country. Here are some options:

  • Smartfren Shops – available in most cities, airports
  • Local convenience stores like Indomaret, Alfamart
  • SIM card kiosks at malls and tourism areas
  • Online purchases delivered locally via Traveloka,, etc.

When purchasing, you’ll need to show your passport to register the SIM card. Price is approx 5,000 IDR for the SIM plus data top-up.

Buying at Smartfren shops or online for delivery ensures you get the latest SIM card. Other resellers may have older card stock.

2. Where to Buy Smartfren eSIM in Indonesia?

Smartfren eSIM is currently only available for purchase directly via the Smartfren website or app.

Follow these steps to buy a Smartfren eSIM online:

  1. Create an account on the Smartfren website
  2. Under “Buy Package” select eSIM WOW package
  3. Choose data allotment (5GB, 10GB, 20GB available)
  4. Checkout with payment method
  5. Scan passport page for verification
  6. Profile will be emailed/SMS with activation instructions

Pricing starts around 50,000 IDR ($3.20 USD) for 5GB data allotment. Be sure to use multi-factor authentication when creating your Smartfren account for security.

VII. How to Activate Smartfren SIM Card/eSIM in Indonesia?

1. How to Use Smartfren SIM Card in Indonesia?

Activating a Smartfren SIM card is straightforward:

  1. Insert SIM and turn on device
  2. Smartfren network will auto-configure
  3. You’ll receive an SMS to set up your account
  4. Click link to create account with name, email, password
  5. Top up account via Smartfren app, ATM, shop as desired

Once registered, you can add data packs and credit through the website or MySmartfren app. Then you’re ready to start using Smartfren service in Indonesia!

2. How to Activate Smartfren eSIM?

To activate a newly purchased Smartfren eSIM:

  1. Open email and click link to access eSIM profile
  2. Click “Add cellular plan” on device eSIM manager
  3. Scan QR code displayed to activate the plan
  4. May require device restart
  5. eSIM now active with data allowance ready

Smartfren currently only supports eSIM activation on iOS devices. Follow the profile activation steps carefully. You may need to contact Smartfren support if running into issues.

VIII. Smartfren Call & SMS Rates

Here are the current Smartfren pre-paid rates without any packages:

  • Local calls – 300 IDR ($0.02 USD) per minute
  • National SMS – 150 IDR ($0.01 USD) per message
  • International Calls:
    • USA – 1,200 IDR ($0.08 USD) per minute
    • Australia – 800 IDR ($0.05 USD) per minute
    • UK – 800 IDR ($0.05 USD) per minute
    • Singapore – 550 IDR ($0.04 USD) per minute

Buying a calling pack can significantly reduce per-minute rates. But most tourists will primarily use data, with minimal calls/texts required.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Smartfren SIM Card/eSIM

Smartfren supports USSD codes to check balances and information via the device dialer. Here are some useful USSD codes to try with your Smartfren SIM or eSIM:

  • *888*11# – Check balance & validity
  • *888*5# – Check data balance
  • *888*6# – Check call/SMS balances
  • *888# – Menu of services
  • *888*3*4# – Activate 1GB data pack

USSD codes provide quick access to account info and can activate add-ons instantly. Enter the codes above in your phone dialer to check data, top up, and more.

X. How to Top-up Smartfren SIM Card/eSIM

You have several options to add more credit and data to your Smartfren prepaid account:

  • MySmartfren app – Instantly add data packs, airtime credit via app
  • Voucher cards – Purchase top-up voucher pins at stores nationwide
  • ATM Transfer – Some banks support transfers to Smartfren no.
  • Drivers/Shop – Ask your driver or hotel to assist topping up

Topping up via MySmartfren is the easiest option if you have data connectivity. Vouchers allow topping up even without data access.

For eSIM, you’ll need sufficient data balance to renew your data allotment online. Be sure to top up before your allowance expires.

XI. Alternatives to Smartfren SIM Card

If you are a tourist visiting Indonesia, there are a few alternatives to a Smartfren SIM card that you may want to consider.

1. Main Local Mobile Operators

  • Telkomsel: Telkomsel is the largest mobile operator in Indonesia, with the widest coverage and fastest speeds. It is a good option for tourists who are planning to travel to remote areas or who need reliable internet access for work or study.
  • Indosat Ooredoo: Indosat Ooredoo is another major mobile operator in Indonesia, with good coverage and speeds. It is a good option for tourists who are looking for a more affordable SIM card than Telkomsel.
  • XL Axiata: XL Axiata is a third major mobile operator in Indonesia, with good coverage and speeds. It is a good option for tourists who are looking for a SIM card with a variety of data packages to choose from.

2. eSIM from by GIGAGO is a good option for tourists who want to avoid the hassle of buying a physical SIM card when they arrive in Indonesia. It is also a good option for tourists who have a dual SIM phone and want to keep their existing SIM card active.

buy indonesia esim plans

You can choose from flexible packages lasting 5 days up to 1 month. Data allotments start from 1GB per day, so you’ll have plenty to navigate, translate, and stay in touch with WhatsApp every day. Prices start as low as $5 too.

how benefits you

Installation is a breeze – just follow the quick setup guide. Once in Indonesia, your eSIM will automatically connect to the best local network for fast, seamless internet. No need to wait at the airport for slow roaming to kick in.

With over 200 supported devices including all latest iPhone and Samsung models, chances are your phone can use eSIM. You can even check device compatibility here.

Travel with peace of mind thanks to our reliable 24/7 support team. They’re ready to assist with any setup or usage questions via chat, email or WhatsApp.

So don’t stress about internet connection on your Indonesia trip. Visit today and get ready to explore this stunning country with high-speed mobile data in your pocket!

Which SIM Card is Right for You?

The best SIM card for you will depend on your individual needs and budget. If you are planning to travel to remote areas or need reliable internet access for work or study, then Telkomsel is the best option. If you are looking for a more affordable SIM card, then Indosat Ooredoo or XL Axiata are good options. If you want to avoid the hassle of buying a physical SIM card, then the Indonesia eSIM from is a good option.

XII. FAQs about Smartfren SIM Cards

Does Smartfren offer monthly plans?

No, Smartfren currently only provides prepaid service. But you can renew 30-day data packs each month to mimic a monthly plan if needed for long stays.

Can I use Smartfren SIM Card in other Asian countries?

No, Smartfren SIM is for use only in Indonesia. It will not roam in other countries.

Does Smartfren block social media or messaging apps?

Some rare restrictions, but generally Smartfren provides open internet access with no blocked sites/apps. Streaming sites and messaging services all work normally.

Is 5G available on Smartfren?

Smartfren has launched limited 5G service focused on Jakarta and Surabaya. But 4G coverage is much wider for tourists. 5G rollout is still in very early stages.

Does Smartfren SIM Card work in Indonesian eSIM devices?

No, unfortunately Smartfren physical SIMs don’t yet support eSIM capable devices. You’ll need a separate Smartfren eSIM for dual SIM functionality.

XIII. Final Words

Smartfren provides an affordable and reliable connectivity option for travelers in Indonesia. Their wide 4G coverage, high speeds, and competitive rates make it easy to stay in touch throughout your trip.

Buying a Smartfren SIM card or eSIM before your arrival can save hassle and ensures connectivity as soon as you land. Both data top-ups and activating eSIM profiles is quick and easy via their app.

Hopefully this overview provides the information you need to make Smartfren your connectivity partner while exploring Indonesia!